It is our great pleasure to have you at our clinic.  You are part of the fulfillment of a  dream of  our professional team!  Our deepest desire has  been to meld experience and expertise to create a holistic way to help people to restore their health and feel and look their best .


     We decoded that a health and wellness centre is an ideal place to focus on education , prevention and  holistic practices for optimal health. While we have a very  effective experience in clinic for you, we also want for you to leave more educated and to serve you once you leave our clinic!   We have carefully chosen to use the best of safe and effective natural products that are in line with our vision to provide you with the ideal for optimal health.


    We have a team of experienced health professional who will custom your treatment and recommend  products that we trust in your best interest !


    Thank you for being with us!

Services Provided


Natural Therapy


Skin Scraping (Gua Sha)

Acupressure Treatment

Channel and Meridian Therapy

Nutritional Herb

Nutritional Counseling

Corporate Wellness Seminar

Mobile Health Services for Seniors